Helpful Links

Consumer Action Handbook
This guide from the Federal Citizen Information Center can help with your consumer problems and questions. Find help on such topics as buying and leasing cars, shopping from home and protecting your privacy and yourself from fraud.

Facts for Consumers: Buying a Used Car
Consumer information from the Federal Trade Commission, which provides pricing terms, financing options, warranties, trade-ins, and service contracts.

National Motor Vehicle Title Information System
The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System is designed to protect consumers from fraud and unsafe vehicles and to keep stolen vehicles from being resold. NMVTIS is also a tool that assists states and law enforcement in deterring and preventing title fraud and other crimes.

CARCO Group, Inc.

Coalition Against Insurance Fraud

Consumer Action

Consumer Federation of America

Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety

National Association of Consumer Advocates

National Consumers League

National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB)

National Salvage Vehicle Reporting Program (NSVRP)

North American Export Committee

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