Used Car Buying Tips

Looking to buy a used car? Here are some helpful used car buying tips. They also just happen to be three more great reasons to CheckThatVIN.

  1. A lemon soaked in water doesn't make lemonade. It has been reported that Superstorm Sandy will spawn more than 240,000 total vehicles. Don’t be caught with a ‘Sandy vehicle’.

    And, after hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit, consumer alerts were issued informing the public that tens of thousands of cars had been flooded and/or totaled. What happened to these cars? No one really knows for sure. Many disappeared. But, most of the vehicles' titles were branded as totaled or flooded and were shipped to other states. At that point, their titles were cleaned (or "laundered") to indicate that there were no problems.

    You couldn't tell by simply looking at them, but the water had caused permanent damage to their electronics and other equipment.

    For just a few bucks, a CheckThatVIN VIN history report can be your best weapon against buying a previously flooded lemon of a car.

  2. What mechanics don't see CAN hurt you.

    Before buying a used car, it's always a good idea to take it to a mechanic. However, even the best mechanics can't always tell if your car has ever been flooded, salvaged or junked and rebuilt.

    Running a quick CheckThatVIN VIN history report is very affordable and can save you from making an unwise purchase or bad investment.

  3. "As is" means just that.

    Whether you're buying a used car from a person off the street, or a dealer's lot, chances are they are selling the vehicle "as is," meaning there is no warranty. Once you drive off in that used car, you're on your own. So protect yourself with a CheckThatVIN VIN history report from CARCO.

    A CheckThatVIN VIN history report can give you peace-of-mind in knowing your used car wasn't junked, or salvaged, and then rebuilt.

    What's more, if you're looking at several used vehicles before making a decision, aCheckThatVIN VIN history report is a great, affordable way to narrow your search.

Know now. Check a VIN with checkthatvin.

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